Mary Jane Bennett

A Lighthouse is a beacon light to warn or guide ships away from dangers. Lighthouses are often located in lonely, bleak places. Mary-Jane Bennett's husband was the first 'Keeper of the Light' at Pencarrow Lighthouse. After his death in 1855, Mary took over as the 'Keeper of the Light', becoming the first and only female lighthouse keeper ever

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Barbara Kendall

Barbara Kendall is the women from Auckland who took on the whole world again and again and won! She dreamed big and never gave up! Barbara has won 3 Olympic medals in board sailing - Gold, Silver and Bronze! She is a 4 times world champion, 4 times NZ sports Woman of the Year, and has been awarded an MBE for her services to windsurfing.

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Māui is a hero of stories from across the Pacific. Long ago, the legendary hero Māui bravely fought and wrestled a great fish
from the sea. This mighty fish known as Te Ika a Māui was so large it became the North Island of Aotearoa. Māui also battled the powerful sun so it would slow down as it travelled across the sky. This gave us days and nights.

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Joseph Day 

Joseph Day risked his own life untold times to save countless lives on the coast of the South Island as the Sumner River Bar Pilot and Signalman and as Captain of the Sumner Beach Lifeboat. Incredibly his work was so important he was only given one day off a month!

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