Compiled and edited by Tina Tucker & Andrew Watt | 27 September, 2021

Podcasts are a great way to unwind when your noggin is chock-a-block and your thoughts are all at sea. From WWI submarines to pirating history, kids programming to ocean preservation, here are some of our top picks:

  1. Thinking Sideways - Donald Crowhurst storyThis fascinating and ultimately tragic story of an early solo yachtsman's race gone awry is testament to how devastatingly difficult round-the-world racing can be.
  2. Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Lighthouse Keepers of Kahurangi: A lovely glimpse into the past through the lens of two generations of Kahurangi Lighthouse keeper families

  3. Abandoned Ships: The world relies heavily on global shipping for its day-to-day functioning, but what happens when fully-crewed vessels are abandoned by their land-based owners?

  4. Yachting New Zealand Sailability - Tim Dempsey and Brendan Tourelle: While sharing about their roles with Sailability, Dempsey and Tourelle offer up inspiring and insightful stories about sailing while living with a disability.

  5. This IS Women's Work - Maritime Lives: A tugboat captain, a maritime student and a sea shanty singer enter a Zoom call...Three women share their perspectives on maritime careers.

  6. Under the Sea - Puffin Podcast: Fun for the whole whānau as Huzma and his three friends explore all sorts of ocean facts, stories and jokes

  7. The Mariner's Mirror: A deep-dive into submarine history and the WWI-era K class submarines

  8. The Pirate History Podcast: The title says it all - a fantastic collection of pirate history and stories

  9. Sonny Natanielu - The Revival of Polynesian Voyaging: The skills that Polynesian navigators required to build and traverse waka across the Pacific are almost beyond imagination. This fascinating discussion with Sonny Natanielu covers some of these methods, along with the revival of traditional Polynesian voyaging.

  10. Our Blue Planet - Protecting the Ocean: Our liquid planet, home to half of the world’s known creatures and plants, is facing multiple threats, including overfishing and commercial development. That’s why leading scientists say that 30% of our oceans should be protected. Host Dan LeDuc explores why this 30% data point is so important. 

  11. Shirley Robertson Podcast: The UK's queen of yachting hosts legends and characters from throughout the yachting world, offering friendly conversations that give you glimpses behind the public personas of the sport's movers and shakers.

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