Get ready for some fun as you embark on an exciting 40-minute quest through secret nooks and crannies, uncovering fascinating tales of the museum! 

This silent disco isn't just any ordinary dance party—it's a highly interactive adventure led by the one and only pirate Captain Jack Pickle! Get ready to giggle with Captain Jack's hilarious commentary, dive into themed games and activities, and, most importantly, learn how to groove like a true pirate.

This interactive tour is suitable for children 5+ and works best when you are prepared to dance, adults included! Only paying participants will receive a pair of headphones.

If you have questions about this experience please contact us at or 09 373 0800.

A silent disco is a unique and increasingly popular event where participants dance to music played through wireless headphones rather than traditional loudspeakers. You will be wearing headphones to explore and dance at the museum, creating a silent party for everyone else. You'll be guided by Captain Jack Pickle, an actor who will be telling stories and leading games to play. It is very interactive, a bit silly and lots of fun!

You may feel a bit shy at first, but when you are wearing the headphones, you forget about the others around you. As the music begins, you won't be able to resist getting into the groove. Following the suggestions and prompts enhances the experience, ensuring you have even more fun.

Through experience, we have found that children younger than five can be a bit overwhelmed by the headphones. The tour is not scary at all, but there are instructions to follow.

Yes - a silent disco is way more fun when everyone is at the party! If you only purchased headphones for your kids, you won’t know what’s happening and there will definitely be FOMO!

Of course! But you will still need headphones to be part of the group. Children cannot be left unsupervised.

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