There are currently no scheduled sailings on Aotearoa One. 

Aotearoa One is a modern take on a traditional waka and was launched in 2003 for Te Wananga o Aotearoa at their Mangere Campus in Auckland.

Aotearoa One has been a coastal voyager for most of her life, delivering rangatahi development programs along the East Coast of Te Ika ā Māui, as far north as Aurere (Doubtless Bay), and as far south as Tūranganui ā Kiwa (Gisborne). In the early part of her life, Gulf Harbour Marina (Whangaparaoa) was her home, and since being in the care of Te Toki Waka Hourua, she now resides in the waters of Te Waitamatā at the New Zealand Maritime Museum marina.

Aotearoa One is now a floating classroom and training platform for everyone wanting to staircase their abilities and work towards offshore voyaging on Haunui. She is also a great platform for Rangatahi Leadership development, programs we currently offer.

Her hull design was a marriage between the tipairua and vaatele, and the sails a marriage between Cook Island & Marquesan sails. 


About Te Toki Voyaging Trust

Te Toki Voyaging Trust was founded on the values of aroha, whānaungatanga, manaakitanga, and kaitiakitanga. Each sailing experience reflects their kaupapa of revitalising and celebrating traditional Pacific voyaging culture.Te Toki Waka Hourua is committed to ensuring that the traditional knowledge and practices of ocean navigation remains alive, by sharing and celebrating these skills with the community, maintaining and sailing a fleet of training and voyaging waka, and training the next generation of navigators and crew who will continue to keep these practices alive.

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