Dr. James, Epic Explorer

Her job is an underwater archaeologist, which means she often dives underwater to explore shipwrecks and other submerged sites. She loves discovering shipwrecks as they show a preserved point in history when the shipwreck happened. There are over 2,500 shipwrecks in Aotearoa New Zealand’s waters, with only around 200 that have been accurately located. Dr James is determined to find the rest!

Download Epic Explorer colouring sheet2MB PDF


Steady Handed Sheldon

Sheldon is a model maker with a vivid imagination and his trade requires steady hands. Every ship and model he creates, tells a tale of an adventure he would love to explore. The Maritime Museum has a team of model makers who are highly skilled and when on duty enjoy talking about their craft and demonstrating their work. 

Download Model Maker colouring sheet676KB PDF


Wendy the worm wrangler 

Wendy is passionate about the environment and the effect we have on the ocean. She's always thinking up fun ways to reduce waste and help clean up our waterways and oceans. The Maritime Museum has a worm farm at the top of the first stairwell where you can also help Wendy think of new ideas for sustainable, low-impact living.

Download Ocean Activist colouring sheet2MB PDF


Brian & Sally

Brian is the handy-man that can fix anything! He looks after all the ships at the Maritime Museum making sure they are all in working order, as well as keeping the museum's marina free from rubbish using a pool skimmer. You won't see Brian without his handy helper Sally the Seagull. She is his eyes in the sky search for stray rubbish in the marina and she also makes sure Brian is looked after and well fed, though she keeps all the hot chips to herself.

Download Mr Fix It colouring sheet2MB PDF

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