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A tribute to Sir Peter Blake: America's Cup and New Zealand's remarkable yachting success



A tribute to Sir Peter Blake 

New Zealand’s most celebrated mariner, Sir Peter Blake was a peerless ocean racer and passionate environmentalist. This stunning permanent exhibition celebrates his remarkable achievements, as well as paying tribute to New Zealand's world-renowned design and yachting prowess.

Yachts to see

View NZL 32 – the yacht that won the 1995 America’s Cup trophy and find out more about astonishing sailing and maritime achievements. There's lots to see - from backyard builds like Sir Peter Blake's BANDIT, to the latest technological advances in materials and design.

America's Cup

See one of only seven replicas of the America’s Cup displayed on the third level. Many trophies from the Auckland Anniversary Regatta are also on display in the Hall of Yachting.

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