A special flock of Manu Rere, traditionally-made flying kites, lands at Hui Te Ananui a Tangaroa for their first migrating flight away from their Hokianga nest. Constructed by artist and weaver Ruth Woodbury (Ngatī Korokoro, Te Pouka, Ngatī Wharara, Te Hikutu), the development of each was inspired by the ancient story of Rāhiri the Ancestor, descendent of two Polynesian navigators, Kupe and Nukutawhiti. 

Workshops: Make a Manu with the Whānau

24 June, 25 June, 16 July & 17 July | $5 per person

Traditional Māori kite-making workshops with artist Ruth Woodbury.

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About Ruth Woodbury

Ruth Woodbury is a master weaver, artist and arts educator who centres her practice around intergenerational knowledge transfer and the activation of Māori cultural practices through cultivation of materials and fabrication of resources. In 2018, she was awarded the Toi Sqwigwialtxw Residency, an exchange with Evergreen State College in Washington, USA, where she collaborated with Indigenous American artists and weavers. She has also collaborated with the Kanaka peoples of New Caledonia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia, Moriori of the Pacific, Nlaka’pamux Nation, Tlingit, Inupiaq of Alaska and the Paiute of California.

*Photographer: Pākē Salmon


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