Tākiri Make Days

February: Make your own porotiti (spinning disc)

Craft and learn about the taonga puoro (traditional Māori musical instruments) that are associated with Tāwhirimātea (the guardian/god of the wind). Porotiti create a beautiful humming sound, and are fun to play with!


March: Kāhui Whetū (constellation)

Choose your favourite navigation constellation and sew the stars together into a take-home wall hanging. Learn about stars and constellations used in Pacific navigation and their names in te reo Māori and English.

About the exhibition 

Tākiri: An Unfurling joins the ongoing dialogue around early encounters between Māori and Europeans in Aotearoa 250 years ago. Consider the impact through the work of seven contemporary artists, two curators and taonga of historic significance.



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