Experience Geoff Dale's remarkable Light on the Water photography exhibition before settling as he chats with legendary sports broadcaster, Peter Montgomery. The two will discuss the exhibition, the spark of a passion project and no-doubt some sailing tales too. There will also be space for audience members to ask questions related to photography, the America's Cup and the exhibition itself. 

About Geoff Dale

Geoff Dale joined the New Zealand Herald as a photographer in 1970, where he spent 28 years on staff before going freelance. 

In 2019 he began a project to photograph the 36th America’s Cup using a 1909 Auto Graflex camera with a Ross of London 20-inch telephoto lens manufactured in about 1900. The old technology of film and large format photography has given the images a timeless look while photographing the cutting edge of yachting technology.



About Peter Montgomery

As New Zealand yachting has sailed the waves of unprecedented popularity in recent years it has been the distinctive voice and style of Peter Montgomery that has done more to increase the public perception of sailing in New Zealand than any other individual. He is stirred by the elements and by the intensity of competition.

New Zealand Sailing and Peter Montgomery - One without the other, just does not sound right. As the voice of New Zealand yachting for over five decades, Montgomery has covered all the major events including 13 America's Cups, 10 Olympics Games and all 13 Whitbread/ Volvo races.


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