Dive deeper into the Maritime Museum collection with these bite-sized short talks highlighting special objects and their stories, as told by our volunteers.

Monday 21 June: The Home Boats

Barry Parsons, long-term museum volunteer of 19 years, kicks us off with his in-depth knowledge of The Home Boats. He gives particular reference to The New Zealand Shipping Company's Rangitata, of which he's a former crew member.

Monday 28 June: Going into the unknown   

Miriam Dunningham explores the (sometimes unexpected) household objects considered precious enough to be carried halfway across the globe. 

Monday 5 July: Leading the way in...   

Phil Lodge unpacks the development of maritime technology, from traditional Fijian drua to the America’s Cup foils.

Monday 12 July: The Tasman Trespasser

June Bartrom recounts Colin Quincey's incredible solo journey rowing across the Tasman in 1977, navigating by sextant and the sun. 

Monday 19th July: Navigating the Pacific

Chris Grant speaks on the fascinating Marshall Islands stick chart, passing on knowledge of traditional Pacific navigation.   

Monday 26th July: Selling the dream

Some settlers who came to Aotearoa were cajoled into writing back home about how wonderful it was. Peter Dawson unpacks a rose-tinted book on the advantages of coming here, Brett’s Colonists Guide and Cyclopedia of Useful Knowledge.