Join renowned artist and lighting designer David Trubridge, as he talks about his influences and processes, drawing on his experience as a sailor and lover of the wilderness. 

During this artist talk, David Trubridge will delve into his inspirations and creative methods, drawing on experiences as a sailor—he and his family sailed to Aotearoa on their yacht ‘Hornpipe’—and as a lover of wilderness. He will discuss how the Pacific changed his Eurocentric view on the world; suggesting ways in which design can tackle the many crises of today.

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About David Trubridge

David designs beautiful things; his company in Whakatu makes them and sells them all over the world. He loves boats, sailing and venturing out into wild places and aims to bring some of that love for nature back into his work. His piece ‘Then and Now’ – a windsurfer made using sustainably sourced, natural materials – is currently on display at the museum as part of our Always Song in the Water exhibition. 

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