Observing Nature

Have you ever looked at a leaf in your yard and been curious about it? What did you see? How did it feel? These are some questions you might think about when you “look” at things. 


Scientists, for example, look at, collect, and record things to better understand our world. Why not try the same? Download and print our template below (or create your own) and record what you see and think about the world around you. 

  • What do I see?
  • What questions come to mind with the things I see? 
  • Does it look like something I’ve seen before? 

There’s space to add drawings of what you see as well. Do as many as you like and create a journal. We’d love to see what you see too, so don’t forget to share it with us through our uploading tool.

Download Nature Observation Recording Sheet56KB PDF


Creative Writing

When you look at things at home, have you thought about their secret lives? Do the dishes dish out gossip to the knives and folks? And do the spoons stir the stories more?


If you were going to write a creative story about the secret life of things at home, what would it be? Use our story map template to help you set out your story. When you finished your story, share the secret lives of the things in your home with us through our uploading tool!

Download Our Story Mapping Template49KB PDF


Designing Worlds

Do you ever day dream about making your own world? What would it look like? What would be in it? Maybe rainbows of lollies or rivers of chocolate? 


Print off our template below and create your own world - or just use your own paper.  Start by drawing the shape of your island, then add features, both natural and human made. Think about adding features like mountains, rivers, lakes, beaches and villages, lighthouses, bridges or even an airstrip for lightplanes to land! Don’t forget to name all the features, and to name your island. And after you’ve finished your design, write a little story about your island.

See our example here

Download Our World Designing Template42KB PDF

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