Wonder Women Event

Saturday 25 November, 6pm - 8pm 

Join us for this special Helping Kurdistan Trust and Amilty Civil Society Trust event, focusing on the experiences of former refugee women and their contributions to society. The event is also sponsored by the Auckland Resettled Community Coalition and the Maritime Museum.

Hear stories of women currently in refugee camps, as well as success stories of former refugee women in New Zealand, their past, struggles and successes until now. This event will both raise awareness about the women in the camps, as well as celebrating the success of former refugee women. 

The event includes video clips of how Syrian refugees, Kurdish and Iraqi IDP's are living currently in refugee camps in Kurdistan. Victims of ISIS, they were interviewed in the camps earlier this year.

This event champions them, and shares their stories, while raising awareness about their grim living conditions and how Helping Kurdistan Trust and the Amity Civil Society Trust has been helping them.

However, it is also a celebration, while raising funds for these women in the camps. We want to celebrate former refugee women and ask them to share their stories on the night of the event in a narrative poetry format. We want them to share their journey and how they are giving back to NZ and wider community.


  • Residents of the Auckland region can visit the Maritime Museum galleries for free if they provide proof of address on arrival
  • Children: 5-14 years old (4 years and under are free)
  • Family Pass = 2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult & 3 children

Our staff are passionate about making the Museum accessible for all people.
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