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Te Toki Waka Hourua - Fundraising Sailings

From Te Toki Waka Hourua - Dedicated to revitalising traditional waka culture and knowledge in the Pacific.

Our ancestors are the greatest ocean voyagers and navigators, exploring the furthest corners of the Pacific Ocean. Te Toki Voyaging Trust is committed to ensuring that the traditional knowledge and practices of ocean navigation remains alive, by sharing and celebrating these skills with the community, and training the next generation of navigators and crew who will continue to keep these practices alive.

Te Toki Waka Hourua are currently fundraising for a training voyage to Norfolk Island in mid September 2018.

This voyage is a critical step for trainee navigators, allowing them to test their navigation skills, and train the crew in deep ocean voyaging aboard our waka hourua, Haunui. This training is vital in ensuring that the crew are prepared for a 4000 Nautical Mile voyage to Hawai’i to attend the 2020 Pacific Arts Festival.

The voyage to Norfolk Island has significant costs attached, such as maintenance and preparation of the waka and crew, purchase of critical safety and sailings equipment, resources for community engagement, and accommodation in Norfolk Island, and provisioning of food for 16 crew for the three week return journey.

Head out sailing on waka hourua Haunui to support this kaupapa and have an incredible experience on the harbour as well!

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Sailings times:


  • 10.30-11.30am
  • 11.45am-12.45pm
  • 1.45-2.45pm


  • 2.15-3.15pm
  • 3.30-4.30pm

Price: $40 per person - bookings required through the Maritime Museum 

Lifejackets: We supply life jackets for children from 10kg up to the age of 14 years. Children under 10kg cannot join a sailing on Haunui. 

Cancellations: Cancellations only happen if wind is above safe operating parameters. If a sailing is cancelled  no cancellation fee is charged and we will endeavour to give as much notice as possible. Where possible your booking will be transferred to another sailing or your money refunded in full. This applies to both advance and on-the-day bookings.

Please note: Raising of the sails during a trip may not be possible due to operational parameters and is subject to the discretion of the sailing master.


How else can you support Te Toki Waka Hourua?

Additionally, Te Toki Waka Hourua greatly appreciate any donation you are able to contribute. 

Acct Name: Te Toki Waka Hourua

Acct Number: 12-3249-0066367-01

Please head to the Facebook page ‘Te Toki Waka Hourua’ to learn more about upcoming fundraising activities, such as art auctions, community days, and merchandise sales, to help support our mission to keep this traditional knowledge and practices alive.

If you have any media queries, or are interested in corporate sponsorship opportunities, please contact Te Toki Waka Hourua at tetokiwakahourua@gmail.com


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