How to strengthen your sea legs: Take a trip of Spirit of New Zealand (Part 2)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Day two of Spirit of New Zealand’s coastal journey from Wellington to Napier saw the crew putting extra safety lines around the boat. This was to mitigate the risks of travelling up New Zealand’s most exposed coastline as a bad weather front came in. Spirit also moved 10 nautical miles off land to give the crew a safety buffer.

Excitement (and nerves) quickly rose as waves started crashing over the bow! And the waves weren't the only thing creating excitement among the crew as they also began to see Albatross, dolphins and seals.

By day three Museum educator Frazer was getting to know his bucket pretty well. Sea sickness is a miserable state of affairs, when even getting out of bed and putting your shoes on feels like an impossible task. 

But there’s no time to rest when you are learning how to sail a tall ship! As part of the crew Frazer had to do a day and a night watch as he grappled with his churning stomach.

“You can’t do anything in your downtime - you just curl up in the foetal position. I still needed to do my watch - I just had to push myself the whole time. The old adage of one hand for you and one for the ship was never more true. A spare hand for my bucket wouldn't have gone amiss,” said Frazer afterwards.

Frazer departs from Bluff on the 2014 DoC Yellow-Eyed Penguin Survey Expedition to the Auckland Islands on 17 November 2014.