At The Beach - 100 Years of Summer Fashion


17 October 2015 to 8 February 2016

'At the Beach: 100 years of summer fashion in New Zealand' celebrates changing beach fashions and fun since the early 1900s.

The exhibition will be on display across the Maritime Museum, and has been devised and produced in conjunction with the New Zealand Fashion Museum

With woollen bathers and bikinis, swimsuits and sundresses, playsuits and parasols, towelling hats and cover-ups, Hawaiian shirts and more, the exhibition features fashions from the early 1900s to the current day.

What we did and what we wore will not only reveal our love of the coast, but our changing society and leisure pursuits.  From the heavy woollen bathers of the Edwardian era to the skimpy bikinis of the 1970s and beyond see how and why swimwear shrank, the influence of fashion and fabrics on beachwear and the influence of the beach on our New Zealand identity.  

Featuring only New Zealand made or designed garments the exhibition also charts an informal history of our fashion industry and it’s riding of the local and global fashion wave.

Photo  - Karen Ishiguro. - all reproduction rights reserved to NZFM and NZMM.