Public Talk: Enabling a Greener Future - More Efficient Planing Hull Forms

Enabling a Greener Future - More Efficient Planing Hull Forms

Friday 27 October 2017, 3.30 - 4.15pm.

Join Nicholas (Nick) Parkyn for a free public lecture on the Dynaplane concept, model testing and other work he has done in applying the Dynaplane concept to smaller runabout style craft.

The Dynaplane concept is a new and innovative approach to planing hull design. Powerboats using this technology can attain planing speeds using approximately half the horsepower required by conventional planing hulls.


Consequently, craft using the Dynaplane concept can realise significant savings in fuel consumption, produce correspondingly reduced environmental impacts and potentially take advantage of lower-powered alternative propulsion concepts.

Nick interacted extensively with Gene Clement whose research work (at the David Taylor Model Basin in the USA) established and refined Dynaplane technology for larger craft.

Nick is a member of the SNAME and IIMS and has presented a paper on this subject at the SNAME FAST Conference in Washington DC, USA.

This event will be held in the museum's Learning Centre and is free of charge. Afternoon tea will be provided.


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