An Epic Voyage Through Our Changing Seas

Plankton Planet is bringing together experts in Māori waka and sailing tradition with international scientists from New Zealand, France, and the USA for a series of presentations and discussions with the audience.

It will be an evening of discovery combining Māori heritage, new developments in marine research, and never-before-seen images of oceanic plankton. The audience will be transported through an epic intellectual and visual voyage across our changing oceans with captivating stories from traditional waka to the innovations in modern oceanographic research into plankton ecosystems and the critical challenges facing our blue planet.

On  July 6, 2017 at 6:30, the New Zealand Maritime Museum will host the programme “An Epic Voyage through Our Changing Seas” organised by the non-profit organisation Plankton Planet.
This programme is open to the public. Seating is limited so we recommend you register for the event here.

The Plankton Planet Arts Display will also be opening the evening of July 6. Fascinating, never-before-seen images of plankton will be on display in the Centre of Learning at the Maritime Museum. Giant prints of plankton, 3-D printed models, lenticular prints, and videos show the beauty, functionality, and wide range of microscopic life forms. The public is invited to discover this hidden world for themselves. The display, curated by Sarah-Jane Blake, can be seen on weekends and during the school holidays from 8 – 30 July.

About Plankton Planet 

Plankton Planet is a non-profit organization that promotes excellence in citizen science and advances our understanding of the plankton ecosystem on a global scale. It is the first citizen science program based on mass sequencing of DNA barcodes from extracts of plankton samples collected from around the world. Plankton is the basis of the food chain for entire ocean and beyond. It produces of more than 50% of oxygen that we breath. It is also a major climate regulator, absorbing manmade CO2 emissions.

Ranging from viruses to animals, the biodiversity of plankton is vast, largely unexplored, and little understood. The planet’s changing climate and ocean acidification are already impacting plankton populations. Plankton Planet’s mission is to provide the data necessary to enhance understanding of our evolving planet at this critical juncture. Planktonauts – motivated individuals of the international sailing community – are collecting the samples and sending them for analysis. A transversal team of top scientists is combining this dynamic biological information about plankton populations with new models of our ocean’s systems in order to better understand the changes to our blue planet.

These events are made possible through the generous cooperation with the Sir Peter Blake Trust, the New Zealand Maritime Museum, and Cawthron Institute. A grant from the Seeding Fund of the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment and the Royal Society of New Zealand makes it possible for the researchers to come together for a weeklong workshop to share the latest knowledge and ideas for innovative collaboration in plankton-related research and the Plankton Planet Program.


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  • Children: 5-14 years old (4 years and under are free)
  • Family Pass = 2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult & 3 children

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